Say hello to your new role as a Founder and develop a golden Business Concept that you can bring to market.

Join fellow freelancers just like you who have taken a small, yet significant step towards a new horizon.

Take the next step on your Founder’s Journey!

Say hello to your new role as a Founder and develop a golden Business Concept that you can bring to market.

Join fellow freelancers just like you who have taken a small, yet significant step towards a new horizon.

Take the next step on your Founder’s Journey!
Monetize Your Expertise
Increase Your Authority
Grow your Audience

Frustrated about doing the same dance over and over again to help others achieve their goals?

Propagate your own vision and turn your Big Idea into a business. Your business, your way.

The time is now.

Don’t let a half-lived life be your story.

You know it when you have something to say, to do.

If something keep scratching from the inside, it is time to take the whispers of the heart seriously.

Don’t postpone your ultimate joy of living in full expression.

Yes, you can make this happen.

Start safe, sign up.

Are you ready?

Step into your Zone of Genius and transition from Freelancer to Founder.

And create your business, your way.

Making meaning and money at the same time.

In need of Clarity and Confidence on your Founder’s Journey?

Just follow the 12-Steps of the bespoke bindu Super Formula. That will show you how to go from idea to launch in just 90 days.

Ditch the resistance, that is trying to keep you where you are now.

Move forward

As a seasoned business strategist and concept developer I have created winning (business) concepts for over 20 years.

For freelancers, creators, start-ups, artists, designers, corporate brands and small entrepreneurs to million-euros projects.

Now I have poured all my business, marketing, sales, design thinking, concept development and mindset knowledge and tools in this course.

So that you can learn in only 90 days how to craft a golden business concept.

And whenever you need support, I’ll be there. Not someone from my team. Me personally.

Hi! I'm Vanessa,
the founder of bindu.

I graduated from Nyenrode Business School, specializing in business, marketing, and design thinking.

I have vast experience in developing tenders, pitches, strategies, and concepts for multi-million dollar projects.

Now, I focus on working with purpose-driven, creative freelancers and small entrepreneurs to help them find, create and realize their missions and Big Ideas.

With a passion for knowledge, art, and nature, seeking inspiration and new experiences. Which enables me to always be on trend with the zeitgeist.

My expertise lies in creating strategies, concepts and stories that gain media attention and drive success.


Freelancer to Founder Course

Create your Golden Business Concept with this smart investment.

All the relevant entrepreneurial knowledge you need that will get you the clarity and confidence to move forward on your Founder’s Journey.

  • 12 Weekly Training Modules
  • Bindu Superformula Workbook
  • Private LinkedIn Group
  • Live Support and Weekly Q&A Sessions

Perfect for busy Freelancers who want to have a comfortable sneak peek from their own home towards their desired future as a Founder.

Let's do it!

What's included? 

Your journey from Freelancer to Founder requires a thought through Masterplan. And that is exactly what the bindu Superformula will give you.

Step #1

Freelancer to Founder

What does it take to make the shift?

Step #2

Make Meaning

What are you here to do? What do you believe in?

Step #3

Vision and Mission

What is the change you like to bring in the world?

Step #4


What is your wildest dream come true? What is your Big Hairy Audacious Goal?

Step #5

Your Product

How can you turn your mission into products that sell?

Step #6

Sustainable Development Goals

What are they? And how can they attribute to your business?

Step #7

Your Customer

Who is your Tribe? And what is your niche?

Step #8

Your Market

Position yourself in the market only you can.

Step #9

The Value Proposition

Craft a clear and concise message that will stand out.

Step #10

Your Brand Name

This is the fun part. Create your (personal) brand name.

Step #11

Business Concept Presentation

Time to bring it all into a clear and concrete presentation.

Step #12

Pitch Perfect

Develop a pitch that will blow people away.

Let's get started!

What my clients say

I was grappling with a lack of a clear story and constant uncertainty about the main problem I was solving. It was frustrating to be caught in a cycle of doubt without a clear solution in sight.

Working with Vanessa, I had an amazing experience. It was a breakthrough for me in my business, reigniting my passion and bringing clarity to what I do. Emotionally and spiritually, I felt a deep connection and knowing. Now, my horizon is bursting with possibilities. Vanessa has the power to help you breakthrough.

- Godelieve Meeuwissen, Employer Excellence

Benefits of the Program

  • Gain Clarity

    This program will give you all the entrepreneurial knowledge you need to develop a solid business concept that you can bring to market.

  • Gain Confidence

    As you will know what to do, your confidence will grow. The paced program will take it step by step. And whenever you need help, we are there for you, to get you unstuck and moving again.

  • Become a Founder

    Being a Founder means taking bigger risks than a freelancer. And although that might feel scary, it also comes with bigger results. In personal and financial freedom. It is not magic, there are known paths how to do it. And you have just found one.

And as a whole you will tap into your full potential!


For prompt decision-makers

(Value: € 165)

Should you decide to sign up today, I want to offer a private consultation call of 30 minutes to get you up and running with a head start.

The process is simple.

You are 3 steps away from becoming that Founder.

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What you’ll get recap

Freelancer to Founder Journey

Create your Golden Business Concept with this smart investment.
  • 12 Weekly Training Modules (Value € 1.000)
  • Bindu Superformula Workbook (Value € 500)
  • Live Support and Weekly Q&A Sessions (Value € 450)
  • Private LinkedIn Group (Value Priceless)
  • Bonus for Prompt decision-makers (Value € 165)

Total Value = € 2.115

Today’s Price = € 297
I’m in! Take me to the Checkout.

What my clients say

Vanessa looks at someone like creating her own project and that actually saves you a lot of brain work and thinking.

You feel that she walks with you on an equal footing and does not act like a know it all, intimidating coach. She is genuinely enthusiastic about you and your product. It's a booster of your confidence that helped me to break through.

- Hilje Rogaar, Family Counseling Amsterdam

My promise to you.

If you work through the first two modules and attend the first two Live Q@A Sessions and don’t feel the course is right for you, you’ll get 75% money back immediately.

While the results of this program will be revealed at the end, my utmost priority is that you feel well served and enthusiastic in order to create magic.

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