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About bindu

Hi! My name is Vanessa and I am the founder of bindu. I graduated from Nyenrode, the Dutch Business School; in business and marketing. And I am educated in design thinking, event and film production and format development.

Not so long ago I developed tenders, pitches, strategies and concepts for multi-million dollar projects. It was a long road to get there; it took me many trial and errors, smart mentors, hardships and inspiration. Alongside an immense load of challenging and inspirational (life) experiences. On a personal, emotional and professional level.

I crave all kinds of knowledge, inspiration, art and culture. I read, listen and watch as much as there are hours in a day and you can regularly find me in a museum or in the theatre. But you can just as easily find me in nature, on a sailboat, on the beach and in the woods with my small, headstrong dog. 

After 25 years and many late nights in television studios, event venues and office buildings, I changed course. I decided not to work for corporates anymore. As I prefer to work with people; especially purpose-driven, talented, creative and fun people who are ready to make more meaning. Who want to find, create and realize their mission and Big Idea to use their full potential and live in full expression.

Thanks to my extensive experience in different media, I know how to develop strategies and concepts that attract attention in the media for a bigger audience and consequently success.

This is me, now I want to hear all about you. What you love, your ideas, your desired future and what is holding your back to achieve what you want. Let's talk, schedule a call.

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The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Seeing is believing and we get that. If you're looking for something special, with more originality. Someone who has got your back, that comes with surprising answers, anchored in years of experience with the big players, it can be an easy, safe first step to have a chat. With Vanessa Buisman.

A selection of companies and brands that Vanessa has worked with or for.

WWF, Sail Amsterdam, Fundis, NOS Jeugdjournaal, Bibliotheek Delft, Naturalis, IDTV, Niehe Media, Sanoma, ELLE Magazine, Cosmopolitan, WeTransfer, EMERCE, Reed Business Information, Paul de Leeuw's Marat TV, Joop van den Ende TV Producties, Joline Jolink, Donny Craves, Artsen zonder Grenzen, Allen & Overy, NOOSA Amsterdam, Fundis and Naturalis. 

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