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Business Consulting for freelancers, creators and (aspiring) entrepreneurs

Most freelancers, creators or small business owners I work with have come to the stage that they feel they need to step up. They are creative and ambitious freelancers or professionals who feel they are plateauing. They are stuck; they keep going in circles as it is hard to analyze yourself and see opportunities and solutions that are so easy to see for others.

You probably have tried several things to breakthrough, but can't seem to find the time, energy and right insights to find the clarity you need. The thing is, it is hard to do it all by yourself. It is fruitful to discuss your situation and desires with smart and like-minded people, to prevent you from keeping going in rounds. So you can get unstuck and continue to evolve and grow.

I can help you to turn your own ideas into reality. Find and develop your big idea into a golden business concept. We can work together on your business concept, your brand, your story and your visibility. As a result you will become super attractive; for customers, partners and the media. So that you take a big leap and do the meaningful work that you desire. Which in turn will attract the right customers.

My role is to work as your partner in disguise, your personal co-creator. Who will not only support and cheer you on through the whole process, but also will provide you with the right business knowledge, inspiration and tools for you to successfully launch, grow and live the life you have envisioned, just not realized. Yet. Let me help you to make it happen.

3 stages in your journey where we can work together.

1. Find your Big Idea

A creative journey for you to find your mission and uncover your No. 1 idea with the most potential. For people who have no idea or too many ideas.

If you have an untold story to tell, many to give, crave freedom and want to do things your way.

It can be frustrating not to have clarity about your big idea. Especially when you are a multi-passionate with many ideas. Which comes with insecurities to start. What helps is a sounding board. To test and discuss your assumptions. And to decide what idea comes first. You do not have to let go of all your ideas, just one idea at a time.

We will work together on this creative and fun 90-days. You will:

✓ embark on a fun and creative journey 

✓ (re)discover your gifts, specialties and desires.

✓ work with daily mindset and creative exercises

✓ have artist dates with your creative inner child

✓ use your low hanging fruit

✓ learn how to connect the dots

As a result your Big Idea will reveal itself to you and will give you the clarity, relief and energy to (finally) start creating.

2. Create your Big Idea

Bring your vision, desires and story inside-the-box and develop your own product, brand and business that makes your hear sing.

This is for people who struggle to bring all their thoughts, desires, research and wisdom into one solid plan. Or who need to sharpen their current positioning when things are not running smoothly.

Because it can be difficult to make the right choices to create a golden business concept alone. A business concept that will light your heart and bring in the money.

We will co-create for 12 months to work on your business concept and master plan. You will:

✓develop a remarkable and winning business concept

 ✓ create an appealing story

✓ work on the building blocks of a shiny website

✓ develop a smart execution plan.

✓ launch!

You will know exactly what you need to do on a weekly basis to put the needle forward.

As a result you will be able to make the change towards living your life in full potential. With confidence, joy and ease. I will have your back and will leave no stone unturned until you are ready to fly.

3. Launch your Big Idea

It's time for execution. It's time to launch and grow. Make it better, make it bigger, make it stronger. This stage is about actually building the business.

You have done it. You have found your voice, your story, your website is up and running and you are ready to rock. 

Now what? Especially when you are a not educated in the field of entrepreneurship, marketing and sales, you can feel you do not have what it takes to build your business and income.

You know how it goes, you start with all the right intentions and then you find yourself overwhelmed by the daily business. It can be hard to motivate yourself each and every day to keep going. To do the right stuff. The stuff that will help you reach your money goals.

This is where I step in. To be your partner in disguise to help you with clarity, strategy, the right knowledge, tools and support. We will also create systems to strengthen you as a leader to make it happen! You will:

✓ improve your concept and products when necessary

✓ develop a strategy and marketing plan

✓ learn to do the sales your way

✓ grow your visibility, grow your income 

All you have to do, is show up at our monthly private sessions. And you will notice that all of a sudden things will fall into place and things will run smoothly as never before.

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To see whether we are a match, I offer you a strategy session. We will use the entire conversation to discuss your personal case. And together determine your next, best step. An opportunity for you to continue with new knowledge and inspiration. For me an opportunity to learn about your ambitions and plans.

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Mireille Duiven

For me it works like this. Give me a subject and I'm on fire. But I find it difficult to come up with a topic myself, because then there is an ocean of possibilities.

Vanessa managed to come up with an idea from this abundance of possibilities that is close to me.

She turned me on and now my head is already full of ideas. I'm going to start right away, it looks like a great thing to work on.

Hilje Rogaar

Vanessa looks at someone like creating her own project and that actually saves you a lot of brain work and thinking. You also feel that she walks with you on an equal footing and does not act like a know it all, intimidating coach. She is genuinely enthusiastic about you and your product. It's a booster for your confidence. And the investment pushes you to start.

I had three major obstacles. First of all, my niche; how to stand out in the abundance of coaches. Second, how am I going to make money from this ASAP as a single mother; without having to completely exploit and break myself down and third, perfection paralysis; I had no idea where to start.

Through all the natural doubts, I decided to sign up and I can say that the program was exactly what I needed. It has delivered on all promises. A very clear sense of direction and which steps come in which order. It all started rolling very quickly after the program, everything fell into place and I was even told: “Hilje, you have gold in your hands.”

Jeroen Roodnat

Vanessa is like a springboard. She takes you to the end of that plank with a firm hand, so that you can make an unparalleled pike dive.

You can make that dive because you are prepared. With powerful and efficient tools you can work together to map out your market. The only requirements are discipline and perseverance. After all, we have to move forward, and growing hurts.

But once you're on that plank, you can make that dive with peace of mind. It's terrifying, but you do it.

That's what Vanessa's program brought me.

Good luck!

Make that jump.

Schedule a free Discovery Call session with Vanessa.

It is my promise to you that I can bring you to the next level, on your journey to using your full potential.

To find out if you and I are a match, I offer you a free  strategy session. We will use the entire conversation to discuss your personal case. And together determine your next, best step.

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What others say:


If you're looking for someone who can be critical, who thinks nothing is too crazy or weird, or someone without judgment: Vanessa is your go to person. Someone who can infuse others with enthusiasm, does not inhibit and can convert a creative process into concrete ideas.

I advise people in all professions who can't figure it out to call Vanessa. People trapped in a tunnel. Who think they have a helicopter view, but don't get much higher with their jumping pole to get away from the problem and see the opportunities that lie there.


As a starting natural wine maker in France, Loire region, we ran into difficult times in 2020 due to the Corona crisis. We quickly hired expertise and knowledge. And also the professional help of Vanessa. She helped us to set up and shape the 'help our vineyard' campaign.

We turned our business model from B2B to the consumer market in a very short time. In less than 1 month we reached our set goal; 3,000 bottles of wine are sold to the consumer market in The Netherlands.


Vanessa has a tremendously creative mind; she is a 'think different' kind of person and is also a very delightful person to work with.

She not only contributes ideas about the question that lies ahead, but also goes above and beyond to see in which other areas profit can be made. In addition, she does not shy away from pulling you out of your comfort zone or – in a pleasant way – confronting you with weaknesses or pitfalls.

During our brainstorm about Spoony, the 'question for help' was to think along about a specific campaign, but the outcome was much more about ensuring that the tone of voice of all expressions did not become too well behaved – a justified pitfall that she pointed out.

The great thing is that her brain stays 'on' even after a session. She continues to feed you with new ideas, relevant examples or current events and is therefore a lasting source of inspiration.


Vanessa has this amazing capacity to bring clarity to my business ideas, translating what felt more like spaghetti in my mind into a clearly structured concept within a matter of minutes.

She encouraged me and helped me bring my big vision to life, breaking it down to a short/medium/long term roadmap leaving me with a clear focus and actionable insights.

I can highly recommend Vanessa's services to any business owner or organisation, seeking clarity and creative guidance to turn their ideas into a concrete business or brand concept.

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