Desk to Destiny

Live Creative Workshop

Tired of your soul sucking job?


If you're part of the 25% who feel unfulfilled in their current job, the "Desk to Destiny" Workshop is here to illuminate new possibilities.

This workshop invites you to connect the dots between your untapped potential, low hanging fruits and wild ideas.

You'll be guided to transform this blend into a golden business concept, ready for you to nurture and develop when you choose.

It's a journey to discover your true calling, preparing you to embark on a path to new beginnings.

Take control and actively build your destiny.

Starting with a creative and fun workshop to explore your best ideas and new horizons.

You have found the perfect place. A creative space to dig deep, unleash your wild ideas and and learn how to pour it into a golden business concept.

 Personally I don't believe in passive manifesting. What I do believe is letting go of the old and building the desired new. By taking action.

Desk to Destiny Workshop

Take a tiny step on your way to change. Learn how your life could look like in just 6 hours.

Do you have this scratching on the inside that something is missing?

Do you crave more freedom and doing things your way?

Do you feel there is so much more untapped potential that you want to use?

Do you have a vision, an opinion, ideas how things could be better?

Then this 6-hours creative space is exactly what you need to find out how things could look like when you are brave enough to go for it.

Learn how to tap into your inner world and find your true calling.

• Find your Zone of Genius

• Select your best idea.

• Learn how transform that into a Big Idea.

It’s time to allow yourself a gentle push to explore other options.



09:30 Reception, refreshments

10:00 Finding your Calling

(Inner World, Zone of Genius, Mission)

12:30 Lunch

13:00 Your Golden Business Concept

(Outer World, Big Idea, Story)

15:30 Roadmap to Change

16:00 Closing & Celebration

Dates 2024

September 14th

Join us right after your holiday all freshed up and use your new energy to build your new foundation.

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The Location is a Studio in the middle of Amsterdam. On the historic premises of the oldest sawmill of The Netherlands, called "De Otter"

Let's go!

If you are wondering what your other life could like, this workshop is perfect for you. No risk as there are no decisions to be made. It's all about imagination, dreaming and peeking around the corner. How it looks like when you use all your talents, building your own ideas.

September 14th

Join us right after your holiday all freshed up and use your new energy to build your new foundation.

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This workshop is packed with the best of business, design thinking, marketing and creation.

This is a safe place where everyone is working on their own ideas, together.

We can’t wait to connect and grow with you!


My clients describe me as a creative genius, being their co-pilot in disguise. Helping them to bring their ideas into the world. Better and faster than they would do on their own.

After graduating from Nyenrode Business School, I have worked on the creative side of business for over 25 years. Developing strategies and concepts for all kinds of corporates, love brands, NGO's, creators and entrepreneurs.

But I felt the calling to work on a more personal level. With people. Where I can use my super power, seeing the remarkable in people and helping them to connect the dots to create remarkable business concepts.

Now I host creative spaces where people from all walks of life are welcome to work together to develop their ideas, products, stories, concepts and brands.

"Vanessa looks at someone like creating her own project and that actually saves you a lot of brain work and thinking."

Hilje Rogaar, Family Counseling Amsterdam

"I want to say to people who doubt. Give yourself time to think about your concept. Let yourself be challenged and stimulated by Vanessa. I don't know anyone else who has as much speed, sharpness and creativity as she does. She helped me find innovative ideas with the right knowledge and inspiration."

Arjan van Beem, CityGroup Stay


 The crowd at the bindu workshops are a vibrant mix of bright minds from all walks of life.

From 28 to 70 years old. From the Philippines, Indonesia, Ukraine, Australia, France South-Africa, France, Brasil, Romania, the US and many more.

Directors, creators, artists, doctors, healers, designers, psychologists, product owners, a goddess of darkness, a professional athlete, HR professionals, marketing professionals, PR experts, account directors, coaches, trainers, illustrators, entrepreneurs, a cook, a barista a natural wine maker and mums.

Wherever you stand in life. Let yourself be surprised by new insights, ideas and the fire inside of you to make it happen. Because you can.

Gentle reminder: You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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The Desk to Destiny Workshop is an exciting, fun and insightful experience. With an amazing mix of international people. Sign up right away. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

September 14th

Join us right after your holiday all freshed up and use your new energy to build your new foundation.

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