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Join 12 other ambitious (aspiring) entrepreneurs who are just like you. Who have made the decision to go from idea to launch in 2025. Make space for your Kick off!

January, Thu 16 - Sun 19 2025

Find, create and launch your Big Idea

in 2025.


A 4-days retreat, followed by a full year group implementation journey for creators, freelancers and (aspiring) entrepreneurs who want to successfully launch their concept or brand in 2025.

Ready, set, go! Shift your horizon in 2025! Learn how to make money doing things you love and believe in.

Time flies by while the daily practice consumes all your time, focus and energy. And before you know it, you're halfway May and you still haven't had the opportunity to sit down, focus, do the work to actually start realizing your Big Idea.

The "Your Big Idea Retreat" is a gathering of bright minds, creators, freelancers, professionals and (aspiring) entrepreneurs. To find, refine, create and launch their Big Idea.

It doesn't matter what stage you are, it is more important that you have time, focus, tools and support to work on your ideas and be inspired by the guidance and workshops of various experts. A creative nursery with a buffet of inspiration, tools and masterminding to get you up to speed in your journey.


Shift your horizon. Join the list.

We will have a call so we can talk about your ideas and see if this retreat + journey match your ambitions.

This is for

  • Creative and ambitious freelancers, professionals and (aspiring) entrepreneurs.
  • Who are determined to (learn how to) launch or grow their Big Idea in 2025.
  • People who like the¬†time to sit down, sit back and¬†make time for ¬†ideas and progress.
  • To develop or refine a golden¬†(business) concept.
  • And develop a launch strategy and action plan for success.

What to expect

  • You will join a¬†carefully selected group of professionals who want to breakthrough.
  • You wil be able to craft and sharpen your idea and strategies to successfully launch.
  • A team of top experts on key entrepreneurial themes will give you necessary insights and tools to make it happen.
  • The Retreat is only the beginning; it is the kick off for the group accountability journey, to guarantee that you will execute¬†in 2025.
  • Last but to least you¬†will be fully taken care of by the bindu team. With delicious¬†food and drinks.

Sign up for the wait list.

We will have a call so we can talk about your ideas and see if this retreat + journey match your ambitions.

About me

After graduating from Nyenrode, the Dutch Business School, I gained more than 25 years of experience at the creative side of business.

Not so long ago I developed tenders, pitches, strategies and concepts for multi-million dollar projects. It was a long road to get where I am today. Which includes many trial and errors, smart mentors, lessons learned and tons of inspiration I gained as well as an immense truckload of experiences. Both substantively, professionally and mentally.

Now I have made it my mission to use all my expertise, hard lessons and creativity to help as many people as possible to become successful and live their best lives with their own ideas and companies.

Thanks to my extensive experience in different media, I know how to develop mediagenic strategies and concepts that attract the attention and resonate with the media and large audiences.

Let's talk. I want to hear all about your vision and desired future.


A selection of my portfolio.

Location // Wierschuur North Holland

You will be warmly welcomed in The Wierschuur. A beautifully redesigned farm barn in Hippolytushoef, North Holland. During our stay the bindu care crew will take care of your mind, body and soul. They will prepare fresh, delicious and healthy vegetarian food and snacks. And we will start and finish every day with mindfulness practices.

Part 1 | Retreat

The program is a blend of being, thinking, and doing. This retreat will help you relax, practice mindfulness, take care of your body, and enjoy good food. The 'thinking' part consists of the program's content, feeding your brain with the best in business, creation, and implementation to equip you with the right knowledge and tools needed for a successful launch.

Last, but certainly not least, is the 'doing', the grind, because 'knowing what to do' without action won't make it happen. We will go through the 12 steps of the bespoke bindu Superformula which not only covers the best of business, creation, design thinking, marketing, storytelling and sales, But also taps into a wealth of experience and best practices of Vanessa herself.

Thursday, 16


You will arrive around 6pm to settle in, enjoy an amazing diner and get to learn the other participants. People who are on the same boat as you are. The braves that made the decision to go for it.

Friday, 17


This day is all about finding your voice, your passions, your zone of genius and your desires for the future, including mindset and habits. To uncover your true self and the change you want to bring.

Saturday, 18


On Saturday we will work on how to turn your passion into a unique and undeniable business concept that taps into the zeitgeist. And how to bring it into reality with a sound financial strategy aimed at profit.

Sunday, 19


The last day it's about bringing your products into the world. How to deliver a pitch perfect and sell with ease and confidence. And the start of our joint execution journey together to make it happen in 2024!

Expert Workshops

Apart from Vanessa that will guide you through the Big Idea program to find, refine, create and launch your Big Idea, expect exciting expert workshops that will help you to elevate your game through all levels. Starting from finding your true voice, your story and how to turn that into a profitable business. As well as the tools how to get your message across in a way that people get super excited and selling feels like something you love to do!

Janne Krijgsman

Janneke creates transformative spaces through breathwork and bodywork, guiding participants to profound self-connection and release through breath, sound, and movement, all enhanced by her soulful presence and live music.

Nathalie Mangnus

Nathalie is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor. She will show you her practical approach how to set up a business and develop business models that match your goals.

Dave Nelissen

Learning how to give an undeniable pitch that will get investors, partners and clients on board is a special talent that Dave will teach you.

Charo Dur√°n

In the Voice Liberation workshop, you will look for your (inner) voice and experience the power that lies in making your authentic voice heard. Find your voice and make yourself heard!

Mitchel van Luit

If you say marketing, I say Mitchel. Mitchel has an online marketing agency, Ace Digital, and brings data based analyses of online marketing back to the core of your proposition. The base of your success.

Mireille Duiven

Mireille will capture the essence of each participant through her artistic and colourful photos, ensuring your true self is beautifully reflected and you will stand out professionally.

Sara Bruinsma

Sara, a TEDx trainer and seasoned presentation coach, will share her knowledge and train us to craft authentic stories that have a powerful impact and move others.

Part 2 | Execution Journey 2025

The Execution Journey is Part 2 of the "Your Big Idea Retreat", which is the kick-off of a year-long journey together. This execution-based journey will get you from idea to launch. So your breakthrough in 2025 is not just an option‚ÄĒit's a certainty.

We have 8 'end of the month' online group masterminding sessions, a private community to share insights, tools and successes and daily accountability to have focus on progress.

Last but not least we will see each other live on four occasions, in our Quarterly Strategy Sessions, where we will get ready for the next chapter on our joined road to launch.

Big Idea Development

Q1 is about refining your Big Idea by connecting the dots, meaning all your personal experiences and making it the way only you can do it.

Business & Product Development

Q2 is about developing your financial strategies and products that you can bring to market and sell.

Storytelling & Website Copy

Q3 you are preparing to launch your products by setting the stage with your (personal) story, brand and website.

Sales & Marketing

Q4 is your time to launch. To make goals and plans with deadlines. We will hold each other accountable to do it together.

What others say


I was grappling with a lack of a clear story and constant uncertainty about the main problem I was solving. It was frustrating to be caught in a cycle of doubt without a clear solution in sight.

During our stay, I had an amazing experience. It was a breakthrough for me in my business, reigniting my passion and bringing clarity to what I do. Emotionally and spiritually, I felt a deep connection and knowing.

Now, my horizon is bursting with possibilities. To anyone who is hesitant about joining, I would say, go for it. In just three days, you can accomplish what may otherwise take three months. Vanessa has the power to help you break through.


Vanessa has developed a step-by-step plan, the Superformula, and it works. It is so well put together that it is accessible to everyone, regardless of what stage you are in or what your level of knowledge is.

She explains all the steps and then you are free to fill it in the way you want. Whether alone in the room or outside, the location offered many possibilities for this. Or in consultation with other participants.

It was very uplifting to do it together with other (aspiring) entrepreneurs. Not only because it makes you braver, because you see others doing this too.

Let's chat

Sign up for the waitlist and we can have a call to talk about your ideas and see if this retreat + journey match your ambitions.

You'll go home with

  • A thought trough, solid and remarkable business concept and strategy
  • A undeniable story and pitch perfect that convinces¬†the¬†media, partners and clients
  • A marketing¬†and sales plan to¬†have your revenue up to speed within the year
  • Tools to use your voice, own your story and take the stage
  • A smart community that has your back
  • A professional portrait picture
  • Clarity, confidence and courage¬†to make it happen!

Make it Happen! 

This is especially suitable for you if you have the desire to work on your Big Idea and strategy for 2025. As you know, in spite of good intentions, you won't find the time, focus and clarity that you need to make it happen this year.

We have all been there. Although sometimes we know what to do; in the end good ideas, diamonds in the rough, get overruled by the daily business, deadlines en life events.

There is a better way that will help you to prioritize your ideas for the future. Block these days in your agenda and sign up for the waitlist.

You will be in the company of 12 smart minds and 6 amazing experts who are here to help you to get to the next level.

What others say


I had been planning to start for over two years, but I didn't know how. I was always busy with my plans, reading books and articles, but I didn't get very far. Then I saw Vanessa's call and then I felt I had to do that. It was very intuitive, I had no doubts at all.

I wanted to make it more concrete. I thought the program of the retreat was exceptional. What I have experienced is that the workbook you receive is so well developed, it takes you by the hand, step-by-step. It all went into a flow and if I got stuck, the questions in the workbook helped to move forward.

I really liked working in a group, also because the group was very diverse and we also had a good time together. It was a beautiful location and the food was fantastic, which made it even better.

Jessica & Jade from Human.Nature

Starting a business is scary. There are so many boxes to tick and hoops to jump through. We’d been looking for comprehensive guidance for a while and connecting with Vanessa was a big part of that.

We had a direct and vulnerable session to discuss our brand, strategy, concerns, fears, strengths and weaknesses. Her guidance, excitement and direction reinjected some energy into our mission in a way that we’ve needed for a while.

Throughout the session, real-world examples and case studies were used to illustrate key concepts. These practical insights were not only enlightening but also validated our approach.

During the session, Vanessa felt truly invested in what we’re trying to achieve and felt like a partner in the brand. We will be reaching out to her more and will likely be taking part in many workshops she offers as part of our business development strategy.

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Towards your new future and schedule a call so we can talk about your ideas and see if this retreat + journey match your ambitions.

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