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The program that consists of a proven process will help you to transform your own idea into a successful business concept that you can bring to market.

Transform your vision into a golden business concept, format, product or (personal) brand

If you are like most creators and entrepreneurs you feel the strong desire to bring your vision and ideas to life. And if the time has come to act, don't wait any longer.

From experience we know there seems to be many invisible thresholds and saboteurs that are holding us back. While one you have taken the first step and have crossed the starting line, the rest will follow.

This is my message to you. Don't hide, don't be shy, nor suspicious. Be different than the rest who think they play safe by doing nothing. Keeping their ideas for themselves, afraid that it will not work out, that they will fail, been laughed at, lose money. Don't be the one who looks back in five or ten years and feels like they have missed the boat.

If you feel there is more to life, if you want to reach your full potential, dare to try. When in doubt, do it.

This program is perfect if you are a self starter. And just need a proven grid to work through. To get you from start yo finish.

A modest investment to start building your ideas. As soon as you have paid (the first installment), you can start right away!

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In this program you will do the following

  • Discover where your uniqueness lies and how to find your niche
  • Defining your vision and (soul) mission
  • Shaping your desired vision of the future
  • Determining and researching your ideal customer
  • Casting your idea into a shape that suits you and your life
  • Developing an irresistible business, product, brand or event concept
  • Pouring all this into a sparkling and convincing presentation
  • Learn the best next steps to bring all this to life

What others are saying about the Creation program


This program gave me tools to take further steps. It gave that kind of push to really get to the point.


I finally have my idea in my hands. Something that used to be mainly in my head and in notebooks. It also gives you the opportunity to view your own idea differently. And be proud too!


Vanessa has a gift for seeing opportunities. To get a different view. To stay outside the box and still stay within the box. And while using her program, I found out she leads you in a direction that I would have never thought of myself. I am super proud of what I have created!

What you will get

  • A professional business concept presentation that lights up your fire
  • Insights into your true nature, purpose and the essence and potential of your idea
  • A proven business concept development framework that wil make your business concept stand out from the crowd
  • Personal feedback during the process and on your end result
  • A roadmap for the realisation of your idea so you cab bring your idea to market
  • Clarity and confidence to work on your own company instead of someone else's.

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If you want more information, to know if the Creation program is what you need, schedule an appointment directly via the button below. So we can talk about where you are now, where you want to go and what you need to move forward. It's free and no strings attached.

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