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Realization membership

The complete toolbox and creative  community that you need to consistently push yourself forward to successfully realise your own ideas.

What is the Realization Membership?

Let's be honest. It's hard to do, plan, decide, execute everything all by yourself. Every day, over and over again.

I know, I have been there. And if it wasn't for mentors, development programs, communities and my precious accountability buddies, I would be in another place. Probably back to corporate.

Everybody first wants to try it by themselves, thinking it is safer to not invest in progress. Especially when money is tight and there is no guarantee that the outcome wil bring the results you need to grow or at least sustain yourself.

I am here to tell you to stop hoping and fantasizing. Sorry, not sorry to break it to you. It takes investment and commitment to get you out of your loophole. You are where you are now with the toolbox you have right now. If you want to proceed and move on and play a bigger game, you have to invest in a new toolbox. Trust me, I have tried it for many years, and I want you to take advantage of my learnings, so you can take the short cut.

We are in the midst of developing the bindu Realization membership that wil help you to bring your own ideas to life. By putting the needle forward every day. It is focused on:

  • Mindset, building confidenceĀ and healthy habits
  • Business, developing a sustainable business concept
  • Strategy, building clarity, making the right decisionsĀ 
  • Planning, breaking down your strategy in bite-sized actions
  • Execution, systems and tools to do the work and launch your idea
  • Marketing, gaining traction and sales in a comfortable and fun way

August 2024Ā we will launch a beta version, with a selected group of people, for an introductory price. Please leave your email-address on the beta list. So you will be the first to know when we go live! And to decide if you want to join the beta group.

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bindu Realization membershipĀ launch

Ā Leave your e-mail address and when we go live, you'llĀ be the first to be notified about the beta group! Take into account August 2024.