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From Freelancer to Founder

How to go from freelancer to founder.

Many creators and freelancers are absolutely brilliant at what they do, and that's what have made them successful. But some of them want more!

They want to do what they believe in. To make meaning, have more freedom and earn ('boat loads' of, not my words) money doing that. Yes, living life to the fullest costs money.

Especially after a certain time, people can feel it's time to reboot their system, to (finally) make way for their own dreams, to propagate their own vision and realize their own ideas.

Jump off your plateau, get unstuck, make a first step, try, just do it. What do you need to hear to make the move? This is it! Because if you are still reading this, chances are that your have been dreaming of building your own product, brand, business, concept or whatever it is.

If this is you, keep reading and scrolling, let me tell you more how you can make the shift.

This is for you if..

  • You are an ambitious creator or freelancer
  • You are ready for the next phase, to grow
  • You want to work on your own ideas in stead of someone else's company
  • You feel the strong urge to live your life by your own rules
  • You just don't know how to make the turn-around
  • You would like to use a proven framework to make the shift

What to expect

  • This is a nowhere to be found journey where you will discover how to make the switch.
  • You will start with a personal deep dive; nature, nurture and mindset
  • Your are going to discover your dreams, desires, ambitions and ideas
  • You will learn the difference between your zone of excellence and your zone of genius
  • You will learn the best of business, design thinking, creative tools, mindset exercises, strategy and concept development.
  • And how to use all these theories and to transform your ideas into that Big Idea
  • Finally you will learn all about the roadmap to successfully launch your  business concept.
  • So your Big Idea can become a money maker!

This course is created by Vanessa Buisman, a prize winning strategist and concept developer who has written plans for large international events and brands like SAIL Amsterdam, Cosmopolitan, Allen & Overy, Naturalis, WWF, ELLE and many others. But also designers, artists, small entrepreneurs and starters.

Vanessa studied at the Dutch Business School Nyenrode and has since then always worked on the creative side of business. Her superpower is to see not only the (hidden) talents in people, but also what they can do to turn that into a remarkable concept and thus a successful business.

Show me the details!

About me

After graduating from Nyenrode, the Dutch Business School, I gained more than 25 years of experience at the creative side of business.

Not so long ago I developed tenders, pitches, strategies and concepts for multi-million dollar projects. It was a long road to get where I am today. Which includes many trial and errors, smart mentors, lessons learned and tons of inspiration I gained. As well an immense truckload of experiences. On a professional and mental level.

Now I have made it my mission to use all my expertise, hard lessons and creativity to help as many people as possible to become successful and live their best lives with their own ideas and companies.

Thanks to my extensive experience in different media, I know how to develop mediagenic strategies and concepts that attract the attention and resonate with the media and large audiences.

Let's talk. I want to hear all about your vision and desired future.


If you feel it is

time to level up.

This is especially suitable for you if you have the desire to work on your own ideas and you can't find the time, focus and clarity you need.

Take an easy first step towards exploring and transforming your own ideas into a successful venture.

This online course is especially for people who can motivate themselves to move forward. If you are someone who only needs a framework to get going, this is your cue!

I'm ready!

What others say


The way my head works is like this. Give me a subject and I'm off! But I have difficulties to come up with the perfect idea myself, because there is just too much, everything is possible.

Vanessa managed to come up with an idea from this abundance of possibilities that is close to me. She turned me on and now my head is already full of ideas. I'm going to start right away, it looks like a great thing to work on.


I registered for the bindu program, because I had a nice idea, but no idea how to develop it.

Vanessa took the time to help me make an inventory of my idea and to transform it into a written concept step by step. She has excellent knowledge and a lot of patience. Her approach has shown me how to cut my plan parts to make progress in small steps.

When in need for more personal guidance

Schedule a personal and FREE Discovery Call with Vanessa to see if you're not the set-starter type to dive into other options to get you moving. I am looking forward to hear your story!

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