€ 500 ex btw/vat

Big Idea Retreat | secure your spot

There is only one small step to take to secure your spot for the Your Big Idea Retreat. Which is a really good investment, not only because all the stacked value itself, but even more so, as it will help you to finally cross that bridge.

And you don't have to do it alone. You will have your very own support group, who will cheer you on and help you with testing your ideas, come up with strategies and develop products that people really need. So you can make money and you can create the destiny that belonged to you from the start. Things that you only dreamt of before, can turn into reality.

This down payment is to secure your spot. And a gentle push for you to push through the doubts and fears to keep you safe. So you can step into your Zone of Genius.

Let me give you one last assurance. Should this retreat not live up to your expectations, you will get a 50% refund.

What's you will receive:

  • bindu Superformula Workbook
  • Guidance and co-creation by Vanessa for the whole year
  • Voice Liberation workshop
  • Financial Strategies workshop
  • Pitch Perfect workshop
  • Grow your charisma in front of the camera workshop
  • Digital marketing strategy workshop
  • Sell with ease and fun workshop
  • Professional Photo shoot
  • 4 days, 3 nights fully catered on a luxury location 
  • Execution Journey after the retreat, consisting of 4 live quarterly strategy sessions, 8 online mastermind sessions and daily accountability.

With all this, your breakthrough is not an option, it's a certainty.

The total investment of the Retreat + Journey is only € 3.000 (ex btw/vat) in stead of € 7.500 for the whole year. 

Let's have a talk after the down payment how you would like to pay the rest. In total or in installments that fit your situation.

Should you want to pay in full right now or want to receive an invoice to pay via a bank transfer, send me a message via [email protected]

What People Are Saying:

I was grappling with a lack of a clear story and constant uncertainty about the main problem I was solving. It was frustrating to be caught in a cycle of doubt without a clear solution in sight. During our stay, I had an amazing experience. It was a breakthrough for me in my business, reigniting my passion and bringing clarity to what I do. Emotionally and spiritually, I felt a deep connection and knowing. To anyone who is hesitant about joining, I would say, go for it. In just three days, you can accomplish what may otherwise take three months. Vanessa has the power to help you break through.

Godelieve Meeuwissen

I want to say to people who doubt. Give yourself time to think about your concept. Let yourself be challenged and stimulated by Vanessa. I don't know anyone else who has as much speed, sharpness and creativity as she does. She helped me find innovative ideas with the right knowledge and inspiration.

Arjan van Beem

I had been planning to start for over two years, but I didn't know how. I was always busy with my plans, but I didn't get very far. I wanted to make it more concrete. I thought the program of the retreat was exceptional. It is so well developed, it takes you by the hand, step-by-step. It all went into a flow and I really liked working in a group, also because the group was very diverse and we also had a good time together.

Manniëlle Brummelaar

Vanessa looks at someone like creating her own project and that actually saves you a lot of brain work and thinking. You feel that she walks with you on an equal footing and does not act like a know it all, intimidating coach. She is genuinely enthusiastic about you and your product. It's a booster for your confidence that helped me to breakthrough..

Hilje Rogaar