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The time has come to successfully turn your Big Idea into reality.

If you are like most of my cherished clients and like myself, to be honest, you tend to be over optimistic. Thinking there is more time in a day, or a month, or in a year. Time flies by and you still haven't had the opportunity to sit down, focus, do the work to actually start realizing your Big Idea.

If you are the one who has a vision, who is walking around with an idea to realize and know you could use the opportunity to make it happen, block these dates in your agenda.

It's my promise to you that you will not only have the time, focus, guidance and tools to create a remarkable product, brand or business. You will make it better than you would have done by yourself. As you will be in the company of other bright minds that will help you to reflect on your ideas to make it better.

This is for you if..

  • You are an ambitious freelancer or (aspiring) entrepreneur.
  • You are determined to start building your Big Idea in 2024.
  • You need time to sit down, sit back to let your ideas grow.
  • You could use a framework to put these ideas on paper.
  • To develop a remarkable Big idea that makes everyone look.
  • But also develop a launch strategy for success.

What to expect

  • You will join a carefully selected professionals who want to breakthrough.
  • This group will be your mastermind buddies as well as your test panel.
  • Expect a mix of inner work, body work as well as creative and business tools.
  • You wil be able to craft and sharpen your idea and strategies to successfully launch.
  • We will have an intake session and discuss your ideas and goals.
  • We will also have an online group accountability session within three months after the strategy days. 
  • Last but to least you will be fully taken care of by the bindu team. With delicious food and drinks.

Does this resonate with you? Schedule a call with Vanessa to talk about your ideas and goals. And we will also discuss all details of the Strategy Days. Thu, Jan 18 - Sun, Jan 21 2024.

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Location • Wierschuur North Holland

You will be warmly welcomed in The Wierschuur. A beautifully redesigned farm barn in Hippolytushoef, North Holland. During our stay the bindu care crew will take care of your mind, body and soul. They will prepare fresh, delicious and healthy vegetarian food and snacks. And we will start and finish every day with mindfulness practices.

This Make your Big Idea Work will help you to distance yourself from the daily life, relax, sit down and do the work. A gentle push and support to get your ideas out of your head, develop the right strategy and roadmap to success.

This event is led by Vanessa Buisman, a prize winning strategist and concept developer who has written concepts, plans and strategies for large international events and brands like SAIL Amsterdam, Cosmopolitan, Allen & Overy, Naturalis, WWF, ELLE, NOS Jeugdjournaal and many others. 

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Make your Big Idea Work Retreat

Join 15 other ambitious (aspiring) entrepreneurs who are just like you.
Who have made the decision to let their idea see the light of day.
January, Thu 18 - Sun 21 2024









About me

After graduating from Nyenrode, the Dutch Business School, I gained more than 25 years of experience at the creative side of business.

Not so long ago I developed tenders, pitches, strategies and concepts for multi-million dollar projects. It was a long road to get where I am today. Which includes many trial and errors, smart mentors, lessons learned and tons of inspiration I gained as well as an immense truckload of experiences. Both substantively, professionally and mentally.

Now I have made it my mission to use all my expertise, hard lessons and creativity to help as many people as possible to become successful and live their best lives with their own ideas and companies.

Thanks to my extensive experience in different media, I know how to develop mediagenic strategies and concepts that attract the attention and resonate with the media and large audiences.

Let's talk. I want to hear all about your vision and desired future.


Make it Happen! 

This is especially suitable for you if you have the desire to work on your Big Idea and strategy and you can't find the time, focus and clarity you need.

You think you will able to pull it off somehow, but we have all been there. In the end good ideas, diamonds in the rough, are overruled by the daily business, deadlines en social events.

There is a better way that will help you to prioritize your ideas for the future. Block these days in your agenda and schedule a call to join.

You will be in the company of 15 smart minds who want to just do it. And if you like, bring a friend.

Schedule a call and talk to Vanessa if this event fits your needs. We'll have a talk about your ideas and goals. And see if this event for you.

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What others say


I had been planning to start for over two years, but I didn't know how. I was always busy with my plans, reading books and articles, but I didn't get very far. Then I saw Vanessa's call and then I felt I had to do that. It was very intuitive, I had no doubts at all.

I wanted to make it more concrete. I thought the program of the retreat was exceptional. What I have experienced is that the workbook you receive is so well developed, it takes you by the hand, step-by-step. It all went into a flow and if I got stuck, the questions in the workbook helped to move forward.

I really liked working in a group, also because the group was very diverse and we also had a good time together. It was a beautiful location and the food was fantastic, which made it even better.


Vanessa has developed a step-by-step plan, the Superformula, and it works. It is so well put together that it is accessible to everyone, regardless of what stage you are in or what your level of knowledge is.

She explains all the steps and then you are free to fill it in the way you want. Whether alone in the room or outside, the location offered many possibilities for this. Or in consultation with other participants.

It was very uplifting to do it together with other (aspiring) entrepreneurs. Not only because it makes you braver, because you see others doing this too.

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