Big Idea Journey 2025

Create your Dream Come True

Never underestimate the power of a crazy idea and your ability to make it happen


Imagine having the certainty that you can and will make it happen. Bringing your own ideas into reality; faster and better than you would on your own.

That is what the Big Idea Journey is about.

Providing you all you need to make the jump that will completely change your life.

  • 8 Experts
  • Entrepreneurial Knowledge
  • Business and creation tools
  • Daily Support
  • Community
  • Accountability




Big Idea Journey 2025 Waiting List

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Big Idea Journey 2025


The Big Idea Journey is a group program that brings original minds to go from idea to launch in one year. It consist of two parts. 


4 Days Retreat

8 Experts in 4 days to share the most essential knowledge and tools to get you started in the beginning of the year.


Whole Year Implementation

Strategy sessions, online mastermind sessions, support and accountability to make sure you will make it happen in 2025.

Part 1

4 Days Retreat


4 Days fully packed with all you need to know about stepping up your game, creating, developing, pitching and selling your ideas.

What you'll get


 8 Experts who will share all their knowledge and tools.

So that you will know what to do and how to do it for the rest of the year.

• Business + Concept development

• Brand + Product Development

• Marketing + Selling

• Being seen + Being hard

• Professional Photoshoot

• Extensive Workbook

• 4 Days, 3 nights, fully catered



Part 2

Whole Year Implementation


A whole year of implementation with 4 Live Strategy Sessions in Amsterdam, 8 online Mastermind Sessions and Daily Accountability.



What you'll get


A whole year of support to help you to push through and make it happen.

In the company of your fellow travelers and with the guidance of Vanessa.

• 4 Quarterly Live Strategy Session in the centre of Amsterdam

• 8 Online Mastermind sessions

 • Weekly Motivational support

• Daily Accountability

• Extra private support by Vanessa upon request



You will be warmly welcomed in The Wierschuur. A beautifully redesigned farm barn in Hippolytushoef, North Holland. During our stay the bindu care crew will take care of your mind, body and soul. They will prepare fresh, delicious and healthy vegetarian food and snacks. And we will start and finish every day with mindfulness practices.

Your kind of people

Naturally you are wondering if this is your money and investment worthwile. But there is a reason you are at this page and reading this.

You have been searching and exploring, trying to find the best support that fits your ideas, personality and style. You are selective and so you should be.

This journey is especially designed for people who are creative and ambitious with a great sense of style. Smart people with original minds and an open heart who feel home in an international and diverse community.

Who like to create remarkable concepts with a twist, outspoken, perhaps even a bit raw. 

Big Idea Journey 2025 Waiting List

Sign up and let's have a talk about your ideas.


My clients describe me as a creative genius, being their co-pilot in disguise. Helping them to bring their ideas into the world. Better and faster than they would do on their own.

After graduating from Nyenrode Business School, I have worked on the creative side of business for over 25 years. Developing strategies and concepts for all kinds of corporates, love brands, NGO's, creators and entrepreneurs.

But I felt the calling to work on a more personal level. With people. Where I can use my super power, seeing the remarkable in people and helping them to connect the dots to create a remarkable business concepts, or how I like to call it, their Big Idea

The Big Idea Journey is where I put my heart and soul in to make it an unforgettable and transformational journey. For all participants.

And that is also the reason why I am selective who is ready to join. Please sign up for the list, so that we can have a talk about your ideas and if you are ready to make it happen.

A selection of my corporate portfolio.

"Vanessa looks at someone like creating her own project and that actually saves you a lot of brain work and thinking."

Hilje Rogaar, Family Counseling Amsterdam

"I want to say to people who doubt. Give yourself time to think about your concept. Let yourself be challenged and stimulated by Vanessa. I don't know anyone else who has as much speed, sharpness and creativity as she does. She helped me find innovative ideas with the right knowledge and inspiration."

Arjan van Beem, CityGroup Stay


 The crowd at the bindu events are a vibrant mix of bright minds from all walks of life.

From 23 to 70 years old. From the Philippines, Sout-Korea,Indonesia, Ukraine, Australia, France South-Africa, Finland, France, Brasil, Romania, the US and many more.

Directors, creators, artists, doctors, healers, designers, psychologists, product owners, a goddess of darkness, a professional athlete, HR professionals, marketing professionals, PR experts, account directors, coaches, trainers, illustrators, entrepreneurs, a cook, a barista a natural wine maker and mums and dads.

Wherever you stand in life. Let yourself be surprised by new insights, ideas and the fire inside of you to make it happen. Because you can.

Gentle reminder: the right time is the time when you decide to take control of your future and how you want to look back in 2 years from now. To see the shift that has happened because of the decision you have made today.

Big Idea Journey 2025 Waiting List

Sign up and let's have a talk about your ideas.